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About the Artist…

Nara Peek-Silva.
Born in Eora, Gadigal country…
here & there based.
Film & theatre graduate (UNSW)

Film Maker.
Protector not Protestor.

About Me…

Just another being trying to find their way in this strange and beautiful world – playing with pens and paint has always helped me do so.Documenting growing pains, life on the fringes and the journey back to nature in hope of striking a deep, forgotten chord… so we can all remember together.

"Untag me!" (the mere sensation of beauty) 2012

The only way we can achieve happiness is by trusting in and responding to our positive instincts, from love and for happiness, even if it repulses other people. This project is an attempt to inspire individuals and society at large to take steps toward an authentic state of being.
This body of work explores ideals of the self, inhibition and insecurity, freedom and expression of the individual; how it is smothered by fear and is affected by a heightened level of self consciousness brought about by the presence of the camera in this age of surveillance and multi-faceted public forums (the street, the media, the internet etc).
In this project, the pro-filmic world and the film itself become a haven of expression and freedom. A world in which the subjects rebel against self-consciousness and judgment in the name of fun, authenticity and self expression. My hope is that when the film is viewed this freedom and expression infects the viewer.

Nara Peek-Silva ©

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